Too Faced Melted Matte Lipstick in Unicorn

I have the most amazing story about the Too Faced Unicorn lipstick. When I was visiting my mother-in-law last summer, I noticed some pretty purple flowers in her garden, and said something like “That color would be great for a lipstick.” When Christmastime came, my mother-in-law remembered that remark, and brought the flowers to a makeup store for them to find a lipstick in that shade for me! She’s so thoughtful.


I adore purple lipsticks. There are space-age blue purples, smoky grey purples, gothy dark purples… and Unicorn is a bright and flowery purple (fittingly for the story above.) It is like a darker version of that beloved 2014 Pantone color of the year, Radiant Orchid. My husband says that Unicorn reminds him of spring and Easter.

Of course, I have extreme prejudice towards this product, but believe me when I say, Unicorn is one of the best liquid-to-matte lipsticks I’ve tried. It’s easy to apply, as the wand is not too long (hello Kat Von D), and the applicator is a straighforward doefoot instead of some weird huge paddle (hello Anastasia Beverly Hills). I think it would be easy to draw a crisp outline with that applicator, if you’re into such a thing (I’m not. I just paint my lips and outline by blending the color down with a concealer brush.) The lipstick does not dry down immediately and stays malleable for a time, which allows for a beautiful even blend. Longevity-wise, it predictably disappears in the middle after eating or drinking, but I didn’t notice it cracking after reapplication. And it doesn’t dry out the lips too much, no more than a creamy matte bullet lipstick does.

Yes, in terms of quality this product is a win. But not everything is rainbows and, ummmmmmm, unicorns in the Too Faced world. I’m talking about some of the product names in the Melted Matte line. One of shades is named “Miso Pretty”–whoa, that sounds pretty racist! Seriously, Too Faced? Who approved that nonsense?! It’s 2018, jeez.

And, I’ve got another rant prepared for you, this time about the future of the whole liquid-to-matte lipstick genre. One of the Russian makeup channels I follow posted that the esteemed artist Val Garland has declared matte lipsticks over, i.e. not on trend anymore. Um… I do respect Val Garland and that channel, but these “trendy/untrendy” concepts need to head into the dustbin of history. We’re just getting the party started in terms of liquid-to-matte lipsticks. We’ve been seeing better and better formulas on the market, with Smashbox, Too Faced, and even Wet n Wild setting the bar high for other mainstream brands. I’d be down for having more good, comfortable liquid lipsticks available (instead of the crumbly crap of years past), in a variety of crazy colors.

Okay, rants over, time for the looks featuring the Unicorn lipstick.


This I wore yesterday. For my eye look, I used the satin mauve and the shimmery copper shade from an ancient Wet n Wild limited edition palette called Smoke and Melrose, as well as the dark red and purple shades from Charlotte Tilbury’s Vintage Vamp. The sparkle in the middle is the Stila Glitter and Glow in Rose Gold Retro. I’m also wearing a purple highlighter in the inner corner, Felicity from the Sigma Beauty Chroma Glow palette. (I am in love with Chroma Glow, but that would be a story for another time.)


And this was my New Year’s Eve look. Yes, my “party look” can be more demure than my regular Saturday face–that’s just the way I am. I used Zeal, the blue highlighter from Chroma Glow, as the lid shade (very subtle here), and framed it with my trusty old browns from Kat Von D’s Shade and Light palette.


6 looks for 6 months

Man, I derive so much joy from doing makeup. I just sit down, fire up the Young Turks, and meditatively pile color upon color onto my face. I’d never had any kind of craftsy hobby before I took up makeup at age 28, so it was an opportunity to develop some visual skills, to learn the basics of shape and texture and color. This year, I’ve been having the most pleasurable time with this hobby so far. I don’t struggle with technique as much anymore, which allows me to just enjoy the ride.

Over the past six months, I’ve worn a lot of looks that I loved–alas, photography is not my strongest suit, so most of them were lost to history. However, I managed to snap a few–here are six of my favorites. Some of those looks are kind of psychedelic, but I did wear them all “out on the town,” even the blue lipstick one. As much as I love putting makeup on my face, I hate doing it “just for myself”–if I don’t go out that day, I don’t wear makeup at all. Two looks are my office faces, and the rest are for date nights or other outings.


Eyeshadow blending is overrated. Well, I like waving my blending brush around as much as the next guy does, but sometimes a neon splotch is enough. The contrast of orange (Urban Decay Slowburn) with a plummy shade (Zoeva Alloy) was inspired by this orange-and-purple look by Karla Garcia. The zombie lipstick is Thistle by Bite Beauty, part of the Amuse Bouche line. I love those suckers–they’re slippery, but pretty moisturizing and comfortable.


Red, red, red. This was a time in my life when I was wondering: why do I even bother wearing colors that are not red? Lucia Pica of Chanel knows how to honor this color, so naturally, she was my inspiration for this look. Here, Lucia combined the red with a little bit of purple, so I did a halo with the epic Anastasia Modern Renaissance palette and the purple shade from Shu Uemura Cool x Chic.


This blue. NYX Liquid Suede in Jet Set is so flowery! I refuse to call this color crazy or corpsey or weird. Such blues (as well as deep blacks and greens) should have the same “classic” clout that red lipsticks do. Aside from the lipstick, there’s also the fact that in 2017, I rediscovered black eyeshadow. I don’t remember which one I wore for this look, but I can say for sure that the best, baddest one in my collection is Urban Decay Blackout.


All of the looks so far have been kind of nsfw (“weekend faces” for me), so here’s one I wore to the office. My best friend says I look so 90s on this pic. This was the only time in recent memory I wore matte grey eyeshadows (the central quad from Kat Von D Shade and Light). I also wore my favorite blush, Too Faced Baby Love, which is seriously awesome. This blush is quite pigmented, but so soft and malleable that it’s impossible to mess it up. The lipstick is Give Me Mocha by Wet n Wild, from their new liquid matte line. It’s much cheaper than Kat Von D and TheBalm liquid lipsticks, but pretty much the same quality-wise.


I’m only starting to explore the wondrous world of Urban Decay Moondust glitters. On their own, they are pretty subtle, but on top of some glitter primer… now we’re talking. Besides the blue Magnetic glitter, I’m wearing the Kiko lipstick in 436 Cold Brown. It brings memories of running around with my best friend, who bought the same lipstick when we visited Kiko together. On her, the color looks like a mysterious, medium dark taupe/mauve/purple, and on me, it pulls more earthy and zombie-like.


Reddish eyeshadows in a fuzzy-edged shape and sheer lipstick. This is the kind of face that I often wear on a day-to-day basis, so it’s fitting that I chose this pic to announce the Spiders and Caterpillars blog project on Instagram. The palette I used for this look is TheBalm Meet Matt(e) Trimony. I haven’t written much about it on this blog, but this palette is one of my favorite products. Coming up with interesting looks with just Meet Matt(e) Trimony has been a challenge, but it truly shines when combined with metallics or shimmers.