Hello! My name’s Julia, I am a makeup hobbyist in my early 30s. I live in Northern California with my husband, and have a dream job at a nonprofit.

Things I enjoy besides nonprofits and makeup: big city life; coffee; music; the Californian food culture; certain TV shows such as Game of Thrones, Twin Peaks, and Black Mirror; baggy black clothes; science fiction; modern and contemporary art. And rabbits–they are amazing animals that can be exceptionally loving pets and teach you a lot! In short, I am a big (oftentimes, bespectacled) nerd who also likes bunnies.

Things I don’t enjoy (that are pertinent to my hobby): watching Youtube videos. I follow channels about movies and politics, but barring a few exceptions, I just can’t get into the “beauty” side of things. I love old-school blogs and longreads, and this blog is my contribution to that tradition.

“Beauty” stuff I like: color makeup. I am pretty much “anything goes” when it comes to style, and I’m down to experiment with any color, texture, etc. In contrast, I don’t care much about foundations, concealers, and brow products. (I do use them, but don’t think about them much–they bore me.) Regarding skincare, I enjoy it quite a bit, but I don’t often talk about it, being far from an expert and all.

My skin type is “combination,” and I have rosacea. I wear the BareMinerals original foundation in the shade Fairly Light.

Here is a long post about my makeup journey, and here is another one with a lot of my looks. You can also follow me on Insta @spidersandcaterpillars, where I post about beauty stuff and other interests of mine.