Dose of Colors Block Party Eyeshadow in Wild & Free

I’ve been living my life on the edge
Slip and fall if I take one more step
There’s safety in numbers, I guess
But I’m going rogue in the wild wild West

When I think of the name “Wild & Free,” this song pops in my head. It’s one of the Roadhouse songs from the new Twin Peaks season, by a singer named Lissie. It’s got kind of a Lana Del Rey vibe to it, if LDR cared about sounding upbeat… “Wild & Free” totally feels like a title to a Lana album, doesn’t it?

I first heard the news about Dose of Colors’ Block Party eyeshadow line on Telegram, a Russian messaging and blogging app. A blogger compared Block Party to Tom Ford’s Extreme Shadows. (Here is a pic of Isamaya Ffrench in one of those.) That wasn’t actually the first time I heard of Dose of Colors in relation to Tom Ford–the stack concept of TF’s Cream and Powder Eye Colors is similar to the DoC Eyedeal Duos. However, the products in the stacks are different–cream + powder vs. primer + glitter.

The Eyedeal Duo in Maple was the first Dose of Colors product I tried, and I wasn’t impressed. You can check out my review here. Fortunately, I had the opposite experience with Wild & Free. Wearing this product makes me feel good… just because it’s so fun. Even the packaging’s cute… in a shifty way…


The shadow itself is a dirty taupe with blatant, obvious silver glitters.


Here, I swatched Wild & Free between two other glitter shadows: Stila Glitter & Glow in Rose Gold Retro and Urban Decay Lithium from the Moondust palette. The glitters in Rose Gold Retro are massive shards, while the Lithium ones are more delicate and complex.


Wild & Free is something in between. The sparkles are not huge, but I would never call this product delicate or subtle. That’s A LOOOOOOOT of glitter. If you’re like me, there’s also going to be a lot of fallout (I can never apply glitter eyeshadows without sparkles flying all over my face and covering all nearby surfaces.)

Such an eyeshadow would never NOT be eye-catching. Every time I wear it, I rack in compliments–people love glitter, it seems. I even have a sweet story to tell. A young man at a sandwich shop asked me about this eyeshadow, so that he could write down the name and buy it for his lady friend!

Here it is… the “wet look” action. The taupe base is quite sheer. I applied and blended the shadow with my fingers on top of primer. Longevity-wise, Wild & Free is not perfect but decent–it creases sometimes, but only a tiny bit.


I think my recent selfies with Wild & Free came out nice, so behold four of them. I decided to combine this eyeshadow with a taupe lip, Kiko 436 Cold Brown. There’s also the famous NYX Taupe blush… somewhere… it’s not too visible, because I blended it very well.




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