FOTD: Bite Beauty Multistick


IMG_0002What are the hottest products to review right now? The new Glossier Cloud Paints? Or everyone’s fed up with them already? Jk. Never mind. One of the perks of being a tiny, non-professional blogger is that you can write about whatever products you want, whenever you want. So, today I felt inclined to wear (and review) my old Bite Multistick in Biscotti, a rosy mauve.

Doesn’t it seem like multipurpose sticks and creams are everywhere now? I admit I like this trend, even though Biscotti has been the only such product I’ve tried so far. Multisticks by Bite and other brands such as Nudestix and ILIA tend to come in earthy/”natural” colors, and (in theory, at least) produce the effect of color arising from the skin or melding with the skin. They lend themselves well to monochromatic makeup, which is a concept I adore. Such looks are easy to execute, and create immediate visual interest. (While color choices like red for the eyes or brown for the lips are old news in the beauty world, they still seem adventurous in the world outside the bubble.) Monochromatic makeup also has a strict, put-together vibe to it, akin to an all-black geometric outfit–even if very little actual effort was involved.

About that: multisticks are also touted as a perfect option for “fingerpainting on the go.” I am far, far from being an “on-the-go” type of person, as I really hate being in a hurry. But I’ve got zero qualms about blending my makeup with fingers–that means fewer brushes to clean on that day. Yes, I try to wash my brushes every day.


As seen on the selfie above, I used the Bite multistick as prescribed: on my eyes, cheeks, and lips. I’ve had this product for ~1.5 years–how’s it holding up?

Eyes: Everybody knows that the Bite sticks crease immediately upon application, primer or no primer. I feel like with age though, the product has gotten drier, and the meltiness has decreased somewhat. I wear Biscotti only as a lid shade, with a dirty mauve color (a discontinued nameless matte by Wet n Wild) blown out in the crease.

Cheeks: I think that I’m going to retire Biscotti as a cheek color. The product was fairly easy to blend originally, even on top of powders. Now that it’s drier, I have to drag it on my skin with my fingers. Which I don’t like. With blushes, it’s only light tapping or patting or swishing for me!

Lips: Biscotti is your run-of-the-mill matte bullet lipstick. It’s obviously a little dry, but nevertheless quite comfortable. No scrunched-up lip effects. The most alluring aspect of it is the color, which reminds me of that perennial favorite, Urban Decay Rapture.

Whoa, looks like this review hasn’t been too glowing, huh? Surprisingly, I do not hate the Bite multisticks, and I’m even eyeing a couple more colors. I just like the satin matte finish and the unified look. And Bite’s shade selection for the multisticks is bomb–I think they are among the most interesting brands right now, when it comes to pure love of color.

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