Pictorial: Punk Date Night Look with Huda Beauty Electric Obsessions

Why date night? Well, date nights, which for me usually happen on weekends, tend to be the occasions for which I create my boldest (darkest, shiniest, or most colorful) looks. Lately, one of my favorite toys for such experiments has been the Huda Beauty Electric Obsessions palette. It’s one of Huda’s tiny (palm-size) sets dedicated to particular themes such as electric, mauve, jewel, smoky, etc.


I like the Electric Obsessions shadows–they are buildable and easy to blend.  However, the palette is not without small issues. First, the two metallic blue shades stain my brushes (???..) Second, a few of the shades do not seem true to pan. For example, I expected the purple and the darker blue to be deeper, and the shadow in the bottom right corner to be redder (it’s more of a deep pink.) And what I had read as “orange” turned out to be quite coral–but that’s ok, I have enough matte oranges, while this coral is unique to my collection.

Now, why “punk date night look”? Because it’s kind of quick and dirty, and most importantly, created using a tool that punks of all ages and genders have–a smudgy black pencil eyeliner. And the color combination is, ummmmm, of the “IDGAF” variety–electric blue plus the aforementioned coral. I’d actually call it more psychedelic than punk… makes me want to fire up some music like they play on the Legion TV show: Jane’s Addiction, the Black Angels, etc. Here’s the look:


First, I put on the Milani eyeshadow primer and lined the lower lashline with the pencil, Pixi Black Noir. I drew a “wing” from below in order to demarcate a shape.


Blend, blend! Blend for your life, sucka!!!!


The next step is to draw all over the lid with the same pencil.


And blend again. Next, I used some mascara: Essence I Love Extreme. Since both the lid and the lashes were inky black, tightlining (patching the “holes” between the lash roots) needed to happen. Some tightline with a pencil, but I honestly can’t fathom how they manage to do that (my pencils just don’t fit in between my lashes??) I just jabbed an angled brush into my mascara, and then mooshed it into the lash roots.


Afterwards, I patted the blue eyeshadow onto the messy black base and fluffed the edges.


Final touches: the coral (applied with my pinky finger) and brows.



I wanted the whole makeup to be slightly “undone,” so I chose natural flush tones for the blush and lip.


On my cheeks is a deep pink blush, Too Faced Your Love Is King–one of their famous bunny blushes. Too bad I’m not buying from Too Faced anymore, as it’s an Estee Lauder brand, and I disagree with Ronald Lauder’s actions such as supporting Trump and donating $1 million to an anti-Muslim group. Well, it’s not like I’m going to throw away the products I acquired before I started boycotting–that would be a waste. So, bunny blush it is. The lip product is the Canmake Balm Rouge in Raspberry Rose, a very light layer applied just into the middle and blended out. Here is the pile of makeup that went into this look:


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