Dose of Colors Eyedeal Duo in Maple

This year, I’ve decided to “diversify” my makeup collection. I have a few “tried-and-tested” favorite brands, such as Urban Decay, Rouge Bunny Rouge, ColourPop and NYX, but to avoid getting stuck in a rut, I want to pay attention to lesser-known companies that seem innovative in some way. Such as Surratt, Black Moon Cosmetics, Rituel de Fille, Nabla, 3ina, Sugarpill… and Dose of Colors.

The latter has been racking in praise primarily for its liquid lipsticks, but also eye products in trendy and interesting colors–coral and berry for eyeshadow palettes, rust and mauve for cream eyeliners. There has also been considerable buzz about Dose of Colors’ new line of glittery eyeshadows. But what attracted me the most was a curious little thing called the Eyedeal Duo.

It comes in retro-style packaging, which is surprising for a product that I had initially read as innovative.


Ooh, what’s inside, what’s inside? A double-decker!


Take it apart, and you will find what looks like a cream eyeshadow (“primer”) in the top compartment, and loose glitter (“pigment”) on bottom. This particular shade is called Maple.


This is now the Eyedeal Duo is supposed to work: you pat on the primer and apply the glitter on top. I’ve seen reviews online where people claim to use the primer solo. Convenient, right? If you want something easy for your day-to-day activities, just swipe on this “cream,” and for some badabing badaboom, add the sparkle. However, life has a way of crushing our dreams…

My enthusiasm was dampened the second I tried on the primer. First, it’s sticky and hard to move around the lid. Second, it started to crease IMMEDIATELY. In this picture, you can see how melty this product is…


And here is the closed eye, right after application. Lololol. As they say in Russia, “my hand is tired of facepalming.” For the record, this is on top of the Urban Decay anti-aging primer. I also tried it with translucent face powder and skintone powder eyeshadow, but those tricks did not make a difference.


Granted, even though I (and many other people with hooded eyes, I’m sure) tend to avoid melty products like the plague, creasing is not seen as absolute evil in some corners of the makeup world. Terry Barber and Katie Jane Hughes are trying to teach the public on Instagram about the value of greasy, wet, lived-in looks. There are highly coveted products, such as the RMS Beauty Eye Polishes or Jillian Dempsey Lid Tints, that are supposed to achieve exactly that kind of effect–“it’s not a bug, it’s a feature.” Hell, even my Bite Beauty Multistick (for lips, cheeks, and eyes) creases upon application onto the lids. However, I did not expect the top half of the Eyedeal Duo to fall into that category, as it’s called a “primer”–and one would generally associate a primer with grippiness or longevity.

The glitter covers up the mess initially, however it also gathers into creases and crinkles after just a couple of hours. However, I gotta say the combination does produce that “liquidy,” high-shine effect. Here is a picture of me squinting at the sun from a train window.


I like this look, but the glitter is not the most impressive I’ve ever tried. It’s gritty, chunky, and resembles craft glitter. Below, you can see what I mean. There are so many available on the market that are more delicate.


Is the Eyedeal Duo worth $25? Naaah. If you’re worried at all about creasing, then you can only use the top half as a glitter glue for non-creasy areas. (Glitter-glues are usually not crease-proof or malleable, as they’re generally only applied onto the mobile lid.)

However, I don’t think I will be returning the Eyedeal Duo to Ulta, as I enjoy the warm pumpkin color of the glitter–and yes, the “wet” effect. I have been applying the duo the way I do my Bite Multistick: only onto my mobile lid, with a similar-color shadow swept into the crease. Alas, an easy-breezy, finger-painting product the duo is not.


In the look above, I used Urban Decay He Devil (Naked Heat) in the crease and ABH Love Letter and Cyprus Umber (Modern Renaissance) on the lower lashline.

Have you tried anything by Dose of Colors? What’s your favorite glitter?

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