FOTD: Extreme Blush

What’s the most stereotypical high-fashion makeup look of the moment? Glassy skin with no makeup (on teenage models), bright slabs of pink or orange eyeshadow? Or here’s another one: “blush bomb,” or painterly, messy blush around the temple and eye area. Seems like this look has been everywhere lately. Possibly because it finally answers the eternal question: what’s the best makeup to pair with red lipstick? Here are some of my inspirations:


Above: From Kenzo Spring 2017.

Of course, I could not resist, and tried on the extreme blush look.



Uh oh! The 80s called, they want their blush back! Upon seeing me with this face on, my husband exclaimed: “That is SO COOL!” and called the blush “cyberpunk.”


To create the “blush bomb,” I used the central color in my beloved Sleek blush palette in Pink Sprint, which my sister had chosen for me. I wear the other two shades in the palette often, as I like the “frosty effect” they produce. (Don’t mind that the pans look barely touched–the blushes are so pigmented, just a slight tap is all what’s needed for someone with my skintone.) The central blush, though, I wasn’t sure how to approach–so much so, that I didn’t even remember its name until today (it’s Pink Ice.) The extreme blush runway trend served as an inspiration for me to actually wear this beautiful product.

I used three brushes for the look:

– a small, tapered blush brush by elf to apply the product;

– a small eyeshadow brush by Real Techniques to deepen the color in the outer corners of my eyes;

– a big powder brush by Real Techniques to blend everything. Pink Ice turned out to be quite blendable!


For the lip, I chose the NARS Cruella pencil, applied very thinly.

I gotta say, once you start doing “experimental” makeup, it gets addictive. The day after I first tried on the extreme blush, I had a “pretty” but normal look, with the blush and everything else in all the “right” places. And I caught myself thinking: “Meh… boring.” Uh oh!

2 thoughts on “FOTD: Extreme Blush

  1. Is it eyeshadow? Is it blush? Either way, you look fantastic! It takes talent and attitude for this to look intentional and badass instead of confusing (which is likely how it would look on me).

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hihihi! Thanks! I wonder why I never got around to using this blush as eyeshadow, even though I like pink eyeshadows… 🤦🏻‍♀️
      After a couple hours of wearing this look, I stopped thinking of it as weird or “unwearable”… It’s actually pretty sweet and youthful. It even seems strange that more people don’t wear such a look, considering how easy breezy it is to create. When I visited Japan, I liked their colorful makeup trend. All the ladies wore heavy blush underneath the eyes!


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