Melt Cosmetics She’s In Parties Eyeshadow Stack

Sometimes, people acquire beauty products for weird reasons, which are not related to the color selection. My weakness is makeup inspired by my favorite music. Since college, I’ve had three “favorite bands of all time”: Swans, Einstuerzende Neubauten, and Bauhaus. The first two are highly unlikely to have makeup collections dedicated to them, but Bauhaus–also known as “the godfathers of goth”–have a lot of high-profile fans in the beauty world, such as Kat Von D and the founders of Melt Cosmetics. This post is about Melt’s recently released eyeshadow stack, named after the Bauhaus song She’s in Parties.

You gotta understand that I like keeping Bauhaus-related stuff around because of that band’s outsize importance in my life. First of all, laden as it is with cultural references, Bauhaus music served as my gateway drug to modern and contemporary art. Which opened my eyes wide to new ways of thinking and seeing the world. And the Bauhaus songs by themselves–they expanded my mind. “All good music is psychedelic.” Somehow, the sight of those wild young men in torn clothes playing ridiculous, bouncy songs about Adam Ant and electroscopes, served for me as a symbol of freedom.


It’s kind of awkward to transition from discussing Poignant Stuff to reviewing a consumer product. Well, the title of this blog post promises a review, so I guess I gotta.


The She’s in Parties eyeshadow stack lives in a little cardboard box with pink swirls and hearts and bats. The pans are connected to each other magnetically, with a tiny mirror on top.


Swatches l-r: Skeleton Kiss, Last Caress, She’s in Parties, Meanstreak. I decided to include the second, blurry pic because it showcases the sparkle.


The first three shadows are named after songs by various “gothy” bands–not sure about Meanstreak. I feel like the color selection does capture the spirit of Bauhaus, as it allows for both dark and playful looks. As I mentioned above, Bauhaus were quite a playful bunch of fellows.

I feel like Skeleton Kiss, not She’s in Parties, is the real star of the show. It’s a cream color with an understated but absolutely gorgeous pink luminescence. A pretty unique shade, at least in my collection. The only criticism I have of Skeleton Kiss is that it’s a little dusty.

Last Caress, a dark mauve, is one of the two “workhorse matte” shades in the stack. It’s a pretty smooth and blendable shadow that produces comparatively little kickup. Interestingly enough, of all the four She’s in Parties shades, Last Caress is the one that feels the most “Bauhausy” to me–all because of its dirty tone. When I swirl Last Caress into my inner and outer corners, it’s almost like I am smearing muddy paint on my face in the rogue fashion of Pete Murphy and Daniel Ash.

She’s in Parties is a beautiful dark red metallic, which turned out to be surprisingly subdued and work-friendly–like a redder version of Too Faced’s Amaretto from the Chocolate Bar palette. Too bad She’s in Parties is such a huge disappointment in terms of quality. It melts off my (primed) lids and becomes a greyish mess far faster than 99% of the eyeshadows in my stash. I have noticed that this is a common problem with thicker, heavier metallic shades–other products with the same longevity issue include Viseart Petit Pro metallics and Urban Decay Ember. A “glitter glue” type primer can help preserve the color, however only in those areas that don’t have lines or creases (i.e., my eyelids need not apply.) Another way to wear She’s in Parties would be over a creamy base such as the Kiko stick eyeshadow in 37 Burgundy.

And finally, Meanstreak is a deep plummy burgundy color that is similar to Last Caress in texture. If you have played with eyeshadows that deliver “gaze into my soul” darkness at the slightest touch–such as Lorac Espresso or Plum–this shade ain’t it. I wouldn’t call it sheer, exactly, but “buildable” would be a good way to put it. Meanstreak blends into Last Caress seamlessly.

Would I acquire more Melt eyeshadows? Hmmmm. The mattes did turn out to be pretty impressive. But based on my experience with the She’s in Parties pan, I’ve got major reservations as far as the metallics are concerned. The Gunmetal stack looks cool, but I would make sure to seek out unbiased reviews.

Here are two looks that show the She’s in Parties stack in action. Should I add “full-stack developer” to my resume now?!

Look one: Skeleton Kiss (lid), Last Caress (outer corner and lower lashline), and Meanstreak (liner in the outer corner and on the lower lashline). Inner corner highlight: Sigma Felicity from the Chroma Glow palette.



Full face. On my cheeks is a berry blush, nars sin (still mad at them for abandoning their cruelty-free status). The lip is Urban Decay Vice lipstick in Trance, a beige metallic. I’ve been wearing this eye look A LOT in the past couple of months, and I found that it works equally as fantastic with dark or weird lipsticks, including NYX’s blue Jet Set or brown Vintage.


Look two, the most obvious one with this stack: She’s in Parties (lid) on top of glitter glue, Skeleton Kiss (center of the lid and inner corner), Last Caress (crease, heavily blended out into a brown mess), Meanstreak (liner).


I was in the mood for Bauhaus-themed products that day, so I paired this look with Kat Von D’s Double Dare liquid lipstick, named after one of the best Bauhaus songs. The epic nature of the song is comically at odds with the demure rosiness of the lipstick. My blush is a berry gel, Canmake Lip & Cheek in 04 Blood Cranberry–my favorite product for a “natural flush.”


Read this long post till the very end?! Mac approves! (From here):


2 thoughts on “Melt Cosmetics She’s In Parties Eyeshadow Stack

  1. The late 80’s/90’s were my stomping years and I loved Bauhaus & the music that splintered off. Daniel Ash, so beautiful…
    Ahem. Each time I saw the name of this stack the song popped into my head but I never looked further into it till I stumbled across your post. The colors look delicious and I love the looks you created. My coloring is similar… might need to add to my wish list.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah!! Thanks for your comment. The She’s in Parties color itself was a disappointment, I think it’s one of the worst quality eyeshadows I have in my collection. But the other three in the stack are GREEEEAAAAAAT.


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