ColourPop Blotted Lips in Lolly & Bee’s Knees

I swear to God, in the future beauty bloggers are going to look at the mountains upon mountains of ColourPop they amassed, and wonder: WHAT WAS THAT?! With its relatively cheapo and on trend products, ColourPop is designed to inspire “why not?” purchases. I’ve decided that my MO with this brand, as well as other hype machines such as NYX and Too Faced, would be to stick to “tried and true” bestsellers. Usually this goes well, sometimes… not so much.

On a recent trip to mother Russia, I noticed that their lipstick fashion seems to be different from that of the U.S. I saw a lot of women wearing bright colors in formulas that seem kind of thin, in contrast with the paintlike mattes that are popular here. I have no idea which lipsticks sell well in Russia (NYX soft matte lip creams maybe?), but that fashion made me pay attention to sheer mattes. In the U.S., the sheer matte formula has recently been popularized by Glossier’s Generation G collection, duped by ColourPop with a much cheaper line called Blotted Lips. I got two colors: Lolly and Bee’s Knees.


Here are the swatches: Bee’s Knees (left) and Lolly (right). More flattering on the lips than on the arm.


Formula-wise, the blotted lipsticks are quite pleasant. I like that they are forgiving on the lips: smooth and glidey in application and not too drying during wear.

With that said, I wouldn’t recommend the blotted lipsticks to anyone, and here is why. The packaging is really, really shoddy. Just this morning, I discovered that one of the lipsticks, Lolly is sitting shaky in its plastic tube (almost popping out). Moreover, it’s become impossible to twist the stick down completely, so the cap has sawn off a chunk. From now on, I will have to apply Lolly with a brush, which is ridiculous given that the blotted lipsticks are supposed to be casual and easy breezy. Yes, I understand that they cost $5, but considering I only got about 3 uses out of Lolly before it broke, they’re still a bad deal.

Now that I’ve gotten this off my chest, on to the looks.


Lolly creates a low-key goth effect of wine- or blackberry-stained lips. One can easily achieve the same look with hammier darks such as Urban Decay Shame or OCC Black Dahlia, by applying them with a finger, or lightly patting them on, or (yes) blotting them. This is the way I wear dark lipstick 99% of the times, so Lolly would theoretically be the perfect product for me, if not for the packaging issues.

“Low-key goth” is a fitting description for the look above. A little bit dark and severe, but not too much. For the eye look, I put a medium dark metallic shadow, Lorac Graphite (Pro Metal) on the lids and framed it with mattes from the Lorac Pro Matte palette. The soft wing was drawn with a black eyeshadow (Jet Black) instead of a liner.


Bee’s Knees is one of the most popular blotted lip shades, and I can see why: this fuchsia shade is just so… flowery. I want to be really careful with it, to make sure the lipstick doesn’t meet the same sorry fate as Lolly.

The Bee’s Knees look for this post is pretty much the opposite of the Lolly one. The Lolly face is “office goth” whereas the Bee’s Knees face is “office bright”. On the day this photo was taken, I was in the early stages of a cold and feeling really tired, so I cheered myself up with some fruity colors. I wanted the look to be easy and soft: no big brows or tightlining. On my eyes, I used the ColourPop shadows in Making Moves (pressed powder) in the creases and Muse (super shock) on the lids, with a dark brown TheBalm eyeshadow, Matt Reed, as a subtle definer. On my cheeks, I created a natural-looking flush with the CANMAKE lip and cheek gel with 04 Blood Cranberry.

Here is a picture of the same look, but on a different day, and taken in the evening instead of the morning. The main difference is that in the photo above, I don’t have my eyes tightlined, which I think was a correct decision–as mentioned above, it creates a softer and more casual vibe.




4 thoughts on “ColourPop Blotted Lips in Lolly & Bee’s Knees

  1. I totally agree with your first paragraph. It saddens me a little that ColourPop isn’t trying to make anyone’s holy grails; they’d rather persuade us to buy a million crazy products that might or might not work BUT HEY no returns. But I suppose there’s something fun about that as well, so long as you don’t give in completely to the hype.

    I love the “office goth” and “office bright” looks! And it’s interesting that Russian women prefer a sheerer matte look. The Kiko matte lipstick I bought recently is also on the sheer side; maybe it’s a European thing.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, I’m glad you like the looks!
      Yes, ColourPop’s business model seems to be “nothing more than just toys.” Colorful trendy toys to play with and throw away. Although, to be fair, some of my ColourPop cream eyeshadows (Bae, So Quiche, Muse) are great, and the 4 powder eyeshadows I have are pretty awesome (the formula is very similar to Modern Renaissance). I also like their Wisp highlighter and Bichette lipstick. I think if I buy anything from ColourPop, I will stick to eyeshadows and OG lippie sticks, maybe try the Ultra Blotted Lips…


  2. Chto, etot colorpop v nekotorom smisle analog kiko? Da, u menya bivaet takoe – oi, kakoe vse deshevoe i zahvativayushee, davai-ka nakupim paketi. À potom razdaesh vse, chto kupil, potomu chto v obshem ono i ne nujno, i ne podhodit

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Nu, ya b ne skazala, chto ne nuzhno i ne podxodit ☺️☺️ Toka vot kachestvom ne vishlo…
      Colorpop otlichaetsa ot kiko tem, chto ego v inete tolko mozhno kupit. A voobshe, oni poxozhi.


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