Viseart Petit Pro Palette: Review & Looks

As an eyeshadow geek, I was naturally pretty curious about those Viseart pro palettes that recently took the makeup world by storm. The palettes cost an arm and a leg ($80), and each of them includes a large array of useful shades, grouped by theme: neutral mattes, warm mattes, brights, etc. When the brand released a $30 travel palette, Petit Pro, it was an opportunity for many beauty lovers, including me, to dip their toesies into the Viseart world.


Packaging: Well, Petit Pro is certainly travel-friendly. So teeny tiny, goochy goochy goo. And the cardboard is helpful–I’ve heard that cardboard packaging absorbs shock better, so the shadows are less likely to shatter. I’ve already taken Petit Pro on a vacation, and the palette survived the trip unscathed. Generally, I think that eyeshadows you can apply with your fingers (in stick or paint tube packaging) are more convenient for traveling. But if you don’t mind lugging your brushes around, Petit Pro is a reasonable choice.


Color selection: Petit Pro has pretty much everything you need for a classic shimmer-and-matte look. A highlight/blending shade (Soft Bone), a medium brown crease shade (Neutral Brown), two darks (Rich Burgundy and Deep Espresso), a glittery shade (Soft Pink Champagne, which pulls greige on me) and three metallics in trendy sunset colors (Warm Gold, Light Copper, and Muted Fuchsia). When I started working on this review, I was going to complain that Petit Pro lacked a proper liner shade. Both Rich Burgundy and Deep Espresso, while pigmented and buildable, are more medium dark than extra dark–not on the same level as, say, Espresso in Lorac Pro. However, I’ve since learned that Viseart recommends using Deep Espresso on a wet brush to line the eyes, and the shadow actually performs decently this way.


Swatches on top of Lorac Behind the Scenes primer, l-r: Soft Bone, Neutral Brown, Rich Burgundy, Deep Espresso.


The shiny row, with flash, also on top of the Lorac primer. L-r: Soft Pink Champagne, Warm Gold, Light Copper, Muted Fuchsia.

I think that anything reddish or burgundy contrasts beautifully with my green eyes, so Rich Burgundy is my most used color in this palette. I most often wear it fuzzed out in the outer corner and on the lower lashline, with one of the light shades or metallics on the lid. It can also be used as a transition shade for darker burgundy shadows.

Application: Viseart eyeshadows are famed for being easy to blend. They do not kick up a ton of dust, unlike Lorac or Anastasia Beverly Hills offerings. The only shade I found tricky was Soft Pink Champagne, as its glitter particles fly all over the place. One better not do any blending once this eyeshadow is on. However, I like that the glitter is very small and delicate, unlike the crude chunks in some old-school Urban Decay shadows.

Longevity: This is the main beef I have with Petit Pro. By the end of a regular 8-hour workday, these eyeshadows are slightly creased, and the metallics have lost much of their vibrancy and shine, even on top of primer. Granted, I have hooded, oily eyelids, but I don’t see this happening with my Lorac, Zoeva, or Urban Decay eyeshadows.

Looks with Viseart Petit Pro


For this pic, I used flash, which allowed me to showcase the glitter. Lid: Soft Pink Champagne. Outer crease: Neutral Brown. Outer corner: Rich Burgundy. Lower lashline: Neutral Brown and Rich Burgundy.


A dirty dark matte look, which gives off some 90s vibes (or, the 90s reimagined through the 2010s). This has been my favorite type of all-matte look lately. Lid and crease: Neutral Brown blended out with Soft Bone. Liner: Deep Espresso, which I applied wet and then dry. Inner corner: Soft Bone. Lower lashline: Neutral Brown and Deep Espresso.


This is the kind of blended, fuzzy look that Petit Pro lends itself to so well. Lid: Light Copper. Outer corner: Rich Burgundy and probably Soft Bone to blend. Liner: Muted Fuchsia, except for the outer corner, where Rich Burgundy is layered on top of Deep Espresso. Lower lashline: Neutral Brown and Rich Burgundy. Inner corner: Becca Opal highlighter.


Here, I wanted to create a more streamlined shape, so I packed and packed and packed Rich Burgundy into the outer corner. Lid: Warm Gold (the picture was taken at the end of the day, so the color is faded–this is what I was talking about). Outer corner: Rich Burgundy blended with Soft Bone. Lower lashline: Warm Gold and Soft Bone.


Mmm, what a rich plum shade. Lid: Muted Fuchsia. Outer crease: Neutral Brown blended with Soft Bone. Outer corner and lower lashline: Deep Espresso.


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