Sleek Blush in Flushed

Hooray! Sleek Makeup has just joined Ulta. The UK-based brand is renowned for its eyeshadow and highlighter palettes, “Matte Me” lipsticks, and blushes (blushers in British).

Sleek seems to be one of the more popular brands for American makeup lovers to buy in/order from Europe. My sister, who lives in Russia (I’m a Russki Amerikanski) sometimes sends me its palettes as birthday gifts. So when I visited Barcelona a few weeks ago, I was open to the idea of bringing some Sleek back home with me. When I spotted the brand’s display at a store called Julia, which is my name, I thought well damn, that’s a good sign. The eye palette I wanted the most, the moody plummy Goodnight Sweetheart, was sold out, but I’m really happy with the item I walked out with: the blush(er) in Flushed.


Sleek calls this color “deep plum.” Okay I guess–I’m not the biggest color nerd out there. It’s kind of earthy… and yes, very deep. Here’s a swatch for y’all (applied to my arm and blended with a finger):


I also have a Sleek blush palette, Pink Sprint (thank you sister), so I knew what I was working with from the outset. Sleek has a honorable history of catering to dark-skinned customers–it was founded in 1989 as Sleek Cosmetics, a line for women of color–so the blushes are HIGHLY pigmented. I apply Flushed by slightly tapping the pan with a fluffy powder brush by Real Techniques, and then swirling the color onto my cheeks in liberal motions.

Here is a look I did with Flushed. One of the first ones… but not the last, as I predict that Flushed is going to be used heavily in this house. I’m just that into earthy tones for blush. Other color makeup I’m wearing in the picture: Viseart Petit Pro eye palette and a light layer of Kiko Glossy Dream sheer lipstick in 205.



2 thoughts on “Sleek Blush in Flushed

    1. Me too! They aren’t carrying a lot of popular Sleek products yet. I hope they improve their selection (specifically, add the Goodnight Sweetheart palette).


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