OCC Lip Tars in Fleshworld, Dash, and Vintage

A few years ago, Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics, or OCC was the biggest gorilla in the zoo when it came to weird and wonderful lip colors. ‘Member Technopagan? I ‘member!


About a year after this pic was taken, I wanted to wear this lipstick to an OG “technopagan” show (Psychic TV), but it had completely separated by then. Ugh.

Now that we have the NYX Liquid Suedes, new Kat Von D Everlasting shades, Bite Beauty’s latest seasonal offerings, etc., is OCC still standing its ground? I’d say so. The brand’s color selection is a product of great care and inventiveness–I don’t only mean trendy macabre shades like Indrid and St Sebastian, but also more work-friendly options. Besides, the OCC finishes, whether metallic or creamy, remain highly attractive. Many other brands only offer unorthodox colors in liquid-to-matte formulas, which are not everybody’s cup of tea due to their dryness.

Of course, OCC lipsticks are called lip tars for a reason–they’re pigmented to a fault, quite messy, and need a lipliner (I use Urban Decay’s clear pencil, Ozone.) In this blog post about the Shoegazer lip tar I describe the formula and application in painstaking detail. Shoegazer was my first lip tar in “Ready-to-wear” gloss-style packaging, which offers an improvement over the original squeezy tubes–looks like it makes the product less likely to separate. A few months ago, OCC had a big sale, and I grabbed three more tars. From left: the new-ish shades Fleshworld and Dash, and the classic Vintage.

3 lip tars


Aka: We salute you, Twin Peaks dorks.

Fleshworld is what I was talking about when I mentioned the weirder lip tars that are still on the safe-for-work side. OCC describes this shade as “plum-toned rust”–what does that even mean? I would say that Fleshworld is warm reddish color as if seen through thin purplish film. Since I don’t have anything similar, I decided to swatch Fleshworld between my rustiest lipstick (Smashbox’s Out Loud–another new favorite) and my plummiest lipstick (the popular Urban Decay Rapture). The Rapture swatch is much wider, as I had to draw it with a rounded bullet instead of a dainty doefoot applicator.


L-R: Smashbox Out Loud, OCC Fleshworld, Urban Decay Rapture.

Selfie time. The wings were drawn with Cyprus Umber, the dark brown eyeshadow from Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance.



Since I started wearing lip tars, I’d been wanting one in a “nude” color, one that would go well with any eye look imaginable. I found it with Dash, a beigey-rosy mauve. It’s like a friendlier sister to Bite Beauty Thistle, which looks impossibly cool but too cadaverous for office wear.  I feel that in my “everyday creamy nude” department, Dash is going to replace Urban Decay Naked, which has a terrible uneven formula (at least the old Revolution version does.)


L-R: Bite Beauty Thistle, OCC Dash, Urban Decay Naked.

Here’s a recent look with Dash, where I also used three matte eyeshadows from my new Viseart Petit Pro palette, and a plummy blush, NARS Sin.



Vintage is part of the core OCC lineup, and I’d been wanting to purchase it for quite a while.  I like deep reds… in theory. For some reason, most of the lipsticks I try in this category, such as NARS Cruella or ColourPop Bichette, turn out to be flattering, but too… demure? That’s not my usual choice, as I prefer bold power looks. Thankfully, Vintage is as powerful as a deep red can be: the finish is glossy and juicy, and the shade can only be described as “blood of thy enemies.”


L-R: NARS Cruella, ColourPop Bichette, OCC Vintage.

For the look below, I went kind of punk and combined Vintage with a messy, fuzzy liner/shadow look. I used the Essence gel eyeliner plus the black eyeshadow (Licorice) from the Too Faced Semi-Sweet palette.



4 thoughts on “OCC Lip Tars in Fleshworld, Dash, and Vintage

    1. Yes, I feel like some of those Revolution lipsticks are overrated. I have a few good ones, such as Shame and Bittersweet, but for lipsticks such as Slowburn and Naked, I’m glad I only paid $11 at a sale! Even $11 is too much for them.


  1. I remember Technopagan too!! There are so many OCC lip tars I’ve coveted over the years, somehow without ever buying any. Which reminds me, I need to review my Stained Gloss in Dune, even though it’s no longer available…

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