OCC Lip Tar in Shoegazer

Who wears lip tars? I do! Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics’ “original liquid lipsticks” are not as hyped these days as they were back in 2014, but they’re still out there, still coming in colors that no one else but OCC messes with (see: Derelict and Rime). Sephora phased OCC out, as the lip tars in their original squeeze tube packaging were too fussy. Beautylish and Urban Outfitters still sell them, now in “ready-to-wear” packaging with doefoot applicators. The first RTW lip tar I purchased was Shoegazer, from an Urban Outfitters-exclusive collection.


First things first: I don’t think the new packaging makes much of a difference. The lip tars are still fussy, oh yes they are. The formula’s the same: thick and viscous paint. Just like before, the lip tars need to be applied in conservative amounts–I actually wipe the applicator down the neck of the tube before putting the product on. They necessitate a lipliner to avoid big-time feathering. Applying them requires time and patience: I use the doefoot applicator to place the color into the center of my mouth, and then (very gently) drag it to the edges of my lips with a lip brush. The lip tars also transfer easily, and god forbid you wear them while eating a messy burrito or sandwich.

But! But. I’ve noticed that almost every time I get compliments on my makeup, I’m actually wearing a lip tar. The finish is gorgeous: it makes the lips look full and smooth and juicy. There are other super-pigmented products that have this kind of finish–ColourPop Ultra Satin lipsticks come to mind. However, those lines don’t have the same color selection as OCC does. Shoegazer is one of the tamer colors, but it’s still interesting: it’s dark raspberry red, but with a subtle purplish undertone peeking through.


Why the name Shoegazer, by the way? The term shoegaze refers to dreamy, fuzzy rock music from late 1980s-early 1990s. When I think about it, the red/raspberry/purple mishmash reminds me of the cover of Loveless, the classic shoegaze album by My Bloody Valentine:


(Pic from the Loveless Wikipedia page.)

This is not the first time OCC released lip tars inspired by the trippier side of popular culture. They had a collection influenced by Frank Herbert’s Dune novels, as well as an “Unknown Pleasures” collection named after Joy Division’s seminal album.


Here’s an incomplete flatlay for the look I’m wearing in the selfie above. I did a very subtle eye, with Mary Quant’s N-05 eyeshadow reviewed here and the Ubame “no mascara-mascara” by Milk Makeup. I also ditched my usual bangin Dipbrow for an unassuming Essence tinted brow gel.

The frost-kissed blush look was achieved using what I swear is the most pigmented blush in history, Sleek’s Pinktini –the reddest shade from the Pink Sprint palette. I tapped the blush with a fluffy powder brush, then sort of lightly caressed my cheeks with it and blended with a finishing powder. When you look at the palette, it looks untouched, even though I adore it and use it fairly often–that’s how saturated these blushes are. Just like the lip tars, so I guess Pinktini is a conceptually fitting choice.


2 thoughts on “OCC Lip Tar in Shoegazer

  1. When I first got into makeup, back in 2011-2012, OCC was one of the first brands that grabbed my attention. I loved their editorial sensibility and sci-fi references, and they were one of the first Sephora brands to come out with truly weird lip colors. To this day, I’ve never tried a lip tar (though I did buy one of the Stained Glosses for $1.99 when they were discontinued last year), but I still follow OCC’s releases because I can always count on them to do something interesting. If they ever come out with traditional bullet lipsticks, I’ll be one of the first people in line. Shoegazer is beautiful!


    1. It is!! I also was into OCC when I became a makeup hobbyist, and one of my first Sephora purchases was a lip tar. I even bought the Technopagan lip tar in 2014, but it totally separated.


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