First Post



Hello hello. Me speaking. My name is J, I’ve been into makeup for the past 3 years, and now I’d like to share my opinions publicly. I don’t know how long this blog will last, as I am a serial nerd and might abandon this hobby for a new one someday soon. But I’ve already written a few posts, and so far I’ve been enjoying the process.

About me: I am 31 years old; I live in California and work full time in a field unrelated to the beauty industry. Of all makeup products, I like eyeshadows the most, followed by lip products and blushes. My makeup philosophy is “anything goes,” nothing less, nothing more. But because I work at an office, most of my looks fall under the umbrella of “office-friendly.”

I post on Instagram as @gothleesi. I’m not part of the goth subculture, but I like me some Bauhaus and Game of Thrones. So gothleesi it is. By the way, the purple lipstick I’m wearing in the pic above is Bite Beauty Taro.


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